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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weiner Hires Attorney

Hmmmm, this is interesting:
Just because a hacker broke into his Twitter account and sent a bawdy crotch photo to a co-ed is no reason to get the police involved, Rep. Anthony Weiner said yesterday.

Instead, "we have retained an attorney who is going to give us advice on this," the six-term Queens Democrat told The Post outside his Forest Hills home.

"[The incident] was a prank. It was intended to distract. I'm not going to let it do it."

Hacking and identity theft is a prank? Boy that Anthony Weiner sure has a good sense of humor.

And since when does the victim of a crime hire an attorney? The public provides attorneys for victims; they're called prosecutors. It is only the actual people perpetrating a crime who have to hire their own counsel.

Not to fear, though, Joe Cannon's on the case. He has deduced that the photo in question was a photoshop. And Weiner's hacking excuse?

Some of you may be wondering: If the image was Photoshopped, then why would Weiner say that his account was hacked? The answer is obvious: Because that was his honest presumption. It appears that someone really did try to fiddle with his Facebook account. The alternative possibility -- that there was no hacker, that the image on Breitbart's site was a concoction -- simply did not occur to him.

And amazingly enough, Weiner still hasn't stopped to check whether his presumption was true.

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